Shave acne - Coolest tips

shave acne - Coolest tips
How to shave acne with skin is different in that it is not broken because it is in a more vulnerable and fragile. Because there are different types of buttons and skin types, which irritates or helps a person can not, on the other. In any situation, we introduce the least amount of bacteria and be as gentle on the skin as possible .

1. Clean the skin
We want to reduce the amount of bacteria and dirt of a skin area to another. So cleaning shave acne with hot water prepare the skin acne from shaving.

We know that is not normally recommended push of a button. If it is almost Whitehead drainage, better do it right before cleaning to remove the content. shave acne is not the fact of the break and introduce bacteria himself and then other areas of the skin.

2. Hot
acne from shaving Smooth skin and hair folded hair so there is less pulling and tugging to shave. This equates to less irritation and skin trauma. In the shower, let the steam and hot water do the work while shave acne after having been to a few minutes. If the routine is the sink, place a hot towel facial hair for a few minutes before shaving.

3. Foam ...
With a shaving brush, that is. Using circular motions with your shaving cream or gel, which helps to lift hairs to bob instead of an angle, creating less chance of acne from shaving growing hairs and shave acne bumps.

You also get a closer shave acne without using a razor blade or do multiple more than one pass. With the best results, you may be able to go a day between the two. This step may not be suitable for severe acne, acne from shaving or encourages any irritation.
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4. Shave around the buttons
If possible, after shave acne to prevent the passage of shaving buttons. This white can break causing bacteria easily spread and invade freshly shaved skin. Acne from shaving even if the grain is not directed any kind is almost always red and inflamed and shave acne can irritate the skin, causing bleeding and scarring.

5. Straight Razor
Beware of multiple blades. They give a close shave, but more friction and is often too especially in a severe case of shave acne, as the skin is constantly experiencing cycles of healing acne from shaving.

Instead, use a light hand with a blade that has a unique quality swivel head or change to an electric shaver. acne from shaving Unable to get the world's smoothest shave acne as a manual multi blade can provide. But shaving is not as difficult for less trauma.

6. A clean razor is equivalent to a lighter skin
Undesirable bacteria is not a friend of acne. can hold the dead skin cells, bacteria clinging product and a quick water rinse removes not good. Interestingly, after shave acne these culprits and dull the blade before his time. So not only will it save to use a knife to get them out of money, acne from shaving you have less chance of skin irritation and pimple problem encouraging shave acne.

Here's how: While shaving rinse the manual blade. Then rinse thoroughly on all sides, moving water, cleaned with alcohol wipe and do not store it in the shower because the water and humidity also reduce the life of a razor. For faster than "sharpen" cleaning blades giving it a longer shelf life so try shaving hole shave acne. Promote an electric shaver? Follow the signs to the manufacturer for cleaning.

7. Shave correctly
Produce more powerful defoliants contain acne (such as salicylic acid, glycol acid, white willow bark, retinal and enzymes) to keep dead skin cells and promote new cell turnover shown to help fight the buttons for the most part . acne from shaving If this is what you use, after shave acne you can keep the skin exfoliated state too, which makes it sensitive .

For less traction on the hair, just the hair follicle where the buttons are, acne from shaving shave acne in the direction of hair growth. Of course shaving against the grain or direction of hair growth gives a closer shave, but is based more on the skin and can exacerbate already compromised state create more irritation shave acne.

8. Shave less often
shave acne exfoliates the skin and zap moisture, so you can take care of your routine. The war fighting with acne knows that there is a delicate balance between exfoliation and hydration necessary. The dead cells must be removed, but too much exfoliation can cause irritation and stimulate oil production. Acne from shaving shave acne the skin should not be too oily or too dry that the imbalance can also take a break in the skin and cause itching and flaking.

shave acne - Can you cut? Maybe a lot of sport facial hair is not your thing or you have to shave your work. Is it possible to wear a beard or a day? Try to give your face a rest at the weekend.

9. What's in your shaving kit?
All the ingredients that you put on your skin can be a friend or an enemy. Although there are different skin types, after shave acne severity, and triggers of acne, it is important to consider the labels of the products with which they will use to shave acne. Acne from shaving what will be of more help than harm depends personally, but we have some general guidelines.

10. Escapes only after shaving
Making only a few buttons germinate after shave acne from time to time? Small adjustments in your routine can reduce or eliminate them .

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